Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Services


Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Domestic and Commercial

I cover all types of domestic and commercial carpet & upholstery cleaning. It's easy to turn a blind eye to the dirt lurking in our carpets and furniture with busy, every day life. Dirt in your furniture and carpets can cause irreversible damage over time and cause colours and materials to fade.

Having your carpets and furniture cleaned every now and then saves money in the long term and keeps your home smelling and looking fresh. With a wide range of methods, I will safely and professionally extract all of the dirt from your carpets and furniture, leaving your home smelling and looking like new. Get in touch!


Hot Water Extraction

Hot water extraction uses high pressure to agitate all of the dirt embedded in your carpets and hot water to increase what is called the rate of reaction. By increasing the rate of reaction (between the dirt on the carpet and the water) you get a more effective clean for your carpets. It’s one of the best ways to remove all of the heavily trodden in dirt from the roots of your carpets and upholstery.


By freeing up the dirt from the full depth of the carpet, it will be more free to move and feel much softer. It also helps to better deodorise your carpets, as it allows to get through the whole of the carpet with the deodorising product.


Steam Cleaning

By using very hot steam, surfaces can be deeply cleaned and sanitised without using harmful products. The pure heat of the steam is enough to loosen and remove dirt from your surfaces.


Sterilisation is also achieved through the heat of the steam cleaning your surfaces too, so you can be sure that it’s safe for you and your family. In most cases, steam cleaning is a great benefit to any of this who have allergies to any chemicals or cleaning products ,as it doesn’t have to use any at all.


Steam cleaning also has the benefit of using a gas, rather than a liquid, to clean, which means the smallest and tightest of spaces can be reach, cleaned and sterilised without having to remove anything from your home or property. 


Dry Cleaning

Dry cleaning is a method of cleaning fabrics that avoids using water. Water can out stress certain materials and cause them to fade or shrink. By using dry cleaning, the usual water is instead replaced by a chemical solvent. Fabrics are bathed in the solvent to remove any dirt or stains from them without damaging the materials. It’s great for completely refreshing material furniture.


Contract Cleaning

Contract cleaning is a great way to secure your next few cleans, get them booked in advance and save some money too. Whether you’re wanting cleaning for your home, your office or any other commercial or domestic property, we can arrange an agreement for contract carpet and upholstery cleaning when you need it.


I’m happy to agree on any contractual length that suits you and we can then ensure that your carpets will be cleaned when you need.


Insurance Claims

Have you got contents insurance on your home or carpets? Great.


I can provide a quote for all home & commercial carpet spills and damages, covered under any home or carpet insurance. Give your insurance company a call to make your claim and I’d be happy to provide you with a quote to pass on to them. Some insurers may have their own representatives or they’ll ask you to provide 2-4 quotes. 


For your quote, please call 07831 247403 or 01782 312 843.



We all turn a blind eye to the amount of shoes, footsteps, food, spills and even paws pass on our carpets everyday and they all take their toll on our carpets and furniture over time. Deodorising will get your carpets smelling as good as new, it doesn’t take too long and is definitely worth it. If you’re a busy family household or just want your carpets sprucing up and smelling good, give me a call on 07831 247403 or 01782 312 843.


Turbo Drying

Turbo drying is a great way for me to dry your carpets quickly and efficiently after cleaning and hot water extraction, not to mention it also leaves you with a new feeling, fluffy carpet. Turbo drying is the process of moving high volumes of air, up to thousand of cubic metres a minute, to rapidly dry carpets after cleaning. Using this method shortens the cleaning process and means I’ll be out of your way in no time!


Fire Retardant

Fire retardant is a substance that reduces the flammability of a material and reduces the rate and severity of which it spreads. It can save valuable time needed to escape a house and thousands of pounds of damage in the case that there is a fire.


The most common way to do this is to use a substance that creates minor chemical reactions which reduce the materials flammability. All methods and chemicals I use are completely safe to you, your family and your home.


I would highly recommend having it done, as you never know when an accident might happen. Also if your business requires your curtains to be fire retardant as part of your fire regulations then this ticks all boxes.


Leather Cleaning

Although very tough, leather wears down over time and can begin to look dull. Leather cleaning will result in a shinier, newer smelling leather for any of your leather items and furniture. We’ve all seen how dirty a leather sofa can get and it’s nice to have them cleaned properly every now and then. The products I use will uplift any dirt from the leather surfaces and revitalise their original look.


Nursing Homes

For nursing home upholstery and carpet cleaning, please call to discuss times, locations and prices. I clean individual nursing homes as well as chains of nursing homes too. Being very experienced in the field means you receive a great, deep clean service and you can secure this on a one off or regular contractual basis. As a member of the NCCA you can trust that your nursing home will be cleaned to the highest possible standard with professional care.


On Site Curtain Cleaning

A nice add on to your carpet or upholstery cleaning is to get your curtains cleaned too. Curtains can get extremely dirty and embedded with dust without us knowing. Being right near the windows, they also pick up any air pollution from outside, whether this be smoke, car fumes or general pollution, so it’s important every now and then to freshen them up. I can often remove any stains on curtains too whilst they’re still hung up so no need to worry about taking them down for cleaning.